Ten-Cent Billionaire

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In the beginning – the 20th Century

My original idea for the ten-cent billionaire came in the beginning, 1975 as a young attorney learning how to practice law from other experienced attorneys. It is better and more interesting than from the books. I was in the right place at the right time quietly listening to the voices of wisdom as you will read below in the next paragraph.

The wind-up before the pitch

It was a few decades past in my early years of my law business with much in front of me to learn about life, law, and business. I was with an attorney friend (eight years my senior) at a law office in a ten story glass high rise in Beverly Hills on Wilshire Boulevard at Camden Drive (90212) listening to an attorney talking about a divorce case he was handling. He referred to the case as “the ten-cent millionaire” divorce.

The pitch

It seems a woman met a man who was wealthy. The money and fun were endless, clothes fell off, and they fell in love, married and stayed married for lots of years. The husband owned and operated a successful business in Los Angeles. As husband and wife they lived on his estate size property with a large house of thousands of square feet in an exclusive prestige community. They had second homes in the Palm Springs desert area on a prestigious golf course, at a ski resort within walking distance to the ski lift, and a summer mountain lakeside house.

Their opulent vacations were to the envy of all.  He was attentive to his wife and adorned her with gifts of expensive jewelry and cars. The wife never worked a day in the marriage. She had live-in domestic help. The wife could not dream for a more perfect princess life.

The shelf life has expired

After more than a decade the marriage came to an end. The husband began to be distant and then the arguments started. The argument, accusations and hostility took on a life of their own in an endless negative reaction cycle. Then, like all marriages made in heaven they often become a living hell.

This was a marriage fueled by the all mighty dollar, “In God We Trust,” all others pay cash. Take a look at the greenbacks in your wallet. It’s like that commercial with Samuel Jackson, “What’s in your wallet?”  Love that is fueled by money sometimes runs out of fuel. Like the vehicle broken down along the side of the road so goes the love. It’s not the meat, it’s not the motion, it’s the money. No money, no honey. Money makes you six feet tall, turns your eyes blue, and people think you’re a smart fella.

Ten-Cent Millionaire

Here is what happened. Husband had a successful business but not nearly with the big bucks as he presented and others perceived and believed. Every material possession of the husband except the clothes in the closet was highly leveraged like an FHA loan for a first time home buyer and the first time home buyer had more equity than this successful business guy. The house, second homes, cars, everything else you can imagine had little or no equity.

Trappings of wealth

Hubby’s biz produced enough cash flow to comfortably float the month to month installment payments. Hubby decided to expand the business domestically and overseas which was successful until a down turn in the economy. Hubby sells the business and is merged into a larger company for a greatly depreciated value. Hubby is now employed with the new business at a greatly reduced salary until he is not employed with the new company. Hubby’s bank accounts were thin with cash and no investments with cash flow. All that was by smoke and mirrors was gone. Oops down the yellow brick road here comes a bankruptcy.

What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.

It seems that the wife was more prudent than the husband. She was a beneficiary of the husband’s generosity of cash, jewelry, and more. The wife saved the money and invested in her own name. She had significant investment income cash flow to live independently of husband in addition to what she believed she would be awarded in a divorce from a wealthy business man. The wife purchased and moved into a comfortable size home in Bellaire’s comfort and luxury. She was comfortably wealthy now.

The Oops and switch

Wife’s attorney asked for spousal support for a long term marriage and equal division of the community property. Wife was the millionaire. The switch by husband’s attorney was when he asked for and was awarded by the family law court judge long term spousal support and half of the wife’s assets from the community funds during the marriage and support for the husband in the same standard that the wife was now comfortably living.

In the two years of the divorce litigation the wife moved out of the family house she and her hubby lived in together. She purchased a mini-mansion in Brentwood. However by the end of the divorce she was forced to sell the Brentwood house. She then purchased a two bedroom condominium in Tarzana 91356. Hubby is now retired living on his social security income and income from his strategic spousal support investment annuity from his former bride, and living in a condo in Tarzana.

Now to the – Ten-Cent Billionaire

Donald Trump without question is successful businessman and wealthy by all standards whether or not he is really a billionaire. Business acumen is yes, admiration for the accumulation of wealth possibly yes and is without this writer’s respect as a person which is a subject for a later discussion. Whatever amount of money Mr. Trump has or is worth has put each of his children through at least four years of college and their lives successfully underway. This is better than most if not nearly all of us can do as parents. Whether he is a billionaire with a “B” or a multi-millionaire with an “M,” it’s a lot of dough but what are we to The Donald? The voter is small change. Are we just a vehicle for Mr. Trump’s ride?

I do not know what is real when it comes to Donald Trump’s financial worth. And why should we really care? And we should care because his wealth will tell us about his personal and business relationships who reflect and define him, his character and reputation. There is a quote that says, as I recall, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” For one example Mr. Trump often speaks of his close friend Carl Icahn. Google Mr. Icahn and read about what he did to earn his billions of dollars and how it affected the lives of ordinary hardworking people.

Mr. Trump’s wealth tells us more than whether he pays taxes or how he avoids taxes but his sense of contribution to his country that provided conditions of support, safety and more in his business success. Mr. Trump’s wealth gives us an insight to his state of mind, and explains his attitude from his behavior and the truth of who is Donald Trump.

The amount of wealth should be an incidental achievement worthy of admiration but not necessarily for our respect of Mr. Trump. Trump’s wealth in itself is a distraction. Sincerity, motivation and capacity are the first qualifications that are often greatly in short supply with politicians and particularly people who want to be President of the United States. Does that seem to make sense?

What I meant to say or getting caught in the truth

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Inartful statements and ill considered statements are very different. People do change their thinking because of new facts, other related or unrelated considerations, and merely that because we are people we change our thinking, perspective and opinions. We can change our thinking as frequently as we change our underwear if there is a rational basis.

Changing your political position from one day to the next because you had an emotional surge or didn’t fully deliberate before your mouth was roaring should have told the voter that this is not a person we want making decisions about our lives. For the politician to say, “I misspoke” or “What I meant was…” is an indictment of that politician’s sincerity, motivation, capacity, and possibly understanding and knowledge. The experience in politics or business becomes of no value, but will you support and vote for him or her?

Money, that’s what I want (The Beatles)

Mr. Trump tells us his net worth is 8.7 or 10 billion dollars and tomorrow something else and that is ok, sort of. Yeah and cheers for “The Donald” and his wealth. However maybe we don’t know and maybe don’t care what is real with Mr. Trump because we live different lives. News about his money becomes noise. If Mr. Trump has only one billion dollars, he has one billion dollars more than nearly each and all of us possesses. Mr. Trump’s statement about his wealth doesn’t seem to be really about money but about truth, give or take one hundred million does not matter.

With such great wealth and comfort in life, Mr. Trump does not have to exhibit threatening, retaliatory or insecure behavior as he does. The expression, he doesn’t have to behave badly, his penis is big enough may have some application. And, does it seem that Mr. Trump is held to a different and lesser standard of behavior and accuracy when speaking or tweeting than all of those who lead that we look to as role models? Mr. Trump has his right to speak freely. And is it also true that our obligation of civility is as equally important to live side-by-side with others?

Things and Stuff that matter

Trump and Truth may not be the same. Truth without accuracy is something other than truth. In 1998 or thereabouts I read about Dee Hock. It is my understanding that Dee Hock started Visa Credit Card Association. In hiring associates he wrote: “Hire and promote first on the basis of integrity; second, motivation; third, capacity; fourth, understanding; fifth, knowledge; and last and least, experience.  Without integrity, motivation is dangerous; without motivation, capacity is impotent, without capacity, understanding is limited; without understanding, knowledge is meaningless, without knowledge, experience is blind.  Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to good use by people with all the other qualities.”

The above applies to Mr. Trump and all others desirous of being our President. We may admire Mr. Trump’s accomplishments. However do we reserve our respect for him because of his behavior? Do the ends justify the means with his display of attitude and treatment of others? Is civility important in our country? Do our obligations to be respectful to others whether we like them or not in a civil society carry the same weight as our rights? Is it important that some of our thoughts not reach the air in words?

Eventually the attitude you send out is the attitude you get back. It seems we then have a cycle of continuous negative reaction. These two prior sentences come from William Ury, Getting past No. And what do you believe could happen with an angry President Trump who would have control of the most powerful military in the world? Do we want to hire this man for the job? What could go wrong?

Pres Trump’s D.C. Business Office – The White House

Is governing for Mr. Trump just an adaptable form of engaging in another business? Mr. Trump by his statements seems that he really does not want to work. Trump grandstands. He tells us he will delegate his government work to his business pals. Will Mr. Trump be attentive to details for making critical decisions? We saw how George W avoided thinking and work when he said, “I leave it to the Generals.” You saw where that got the U. S. A.

Mr. Trump grandstands and is not and will not be the “great negotiator.” He never was … His attention will be elsewhere and possibly not necessarily with his business activities but with his R&R (rest and recreation) retirement excepting his tweets. Can Mr. Trump put his business and bottom line profits aside as President and go from self-absorption to being attentive and absorbed about service to the lives of a nation of 330 million people? The presidency is Mr. Trump’s last chance to become a billionaire or multi-billionaire if not currently but with many more billions of dollars from his leveraging of his political office. Does this seem more like the party of leaking than Lincoln? Happy days are here again.

Is Trump our Authoritarian Pres?

Does the possibility exist that “The Donald” doesn’t want to be President of the United States but just really wants a platform and a megaphone to vent his opinions and attack everyone who is of a different opinion with his chronic anger? Is he just an old angry wealthy gringo? Does it appears that our Pres Trump’s demands on others, domestic and foreign is neither competent or an exhibition of negotiation skills, and an understand of the biz of government? is that he is a poor manager and cannot negotiate. The U. S. Constitution doesn’t apply to Mr. Trump but only  for others of a lesser god.  Support Incompetence and Corruption in Government, vote for Trump, 2020.

Trump likes. It’s more like admires and loves dictators such as Vladimir Putin. Putin was the head of the Soviet KGB, on a government salary. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union Putin became a billionaire. If not by theft or other unlawful means obtained ownership of government assets, how did Putin become a multi-billionaire, really?

How does an American President have as his role model Dictator Vladimir Putin? Maybe it can only happen if you get caught with your pants down. British Intelligence was wrong. Those Russian women were not prostitutes only Putin substitutes. Or don’t Putin anything in your mouth smaller than your elbow. Reminds me that a woman once asked me, “are you Jewish?” My response was “Are my pants so tight that you can tell?”

U. S. Constitution – Too Restrictive – OK For You

Trump seems to be anti-democracy because like all billionaires, they don’t need the protections of government. Mr. Trump dislikes the existence of the three co-equal branches of government. Democratic government with regulation protects the public from the abuses of wealth and power. Regulations limited purposes are to (1) advance a national interest and (2) preventing bad stuff from harming people such as poisoning the nation’s air and water by toxic polluting industries.

Regulation interferes with big biz and Billionaires’ further accumulation of wealth and power. Billionaires own and are protected by the government. They are authoritarians. Democratic government only gets in the way of what greedy billionaires and big business want. Why would billionaire Trump want to be President when they already owns the best of everything in the world? You cannot continue to be a sexual predator with the long hours required in a salaried job and simultaneously run a beauty pageant.

Things Go Better with Coke

Maybe “The Donald is “The Real Thing” or is he Shasta Cola? Maybe The Donald is really the Dick and we’re all getting hosed. It really doesn’t matter to me. I am a grumpy old f. I stopped voting when Wendell Willkie lost to Roosevelt in 1940. Not really.

Your thoughts, opinions and provable facts matter. Opinion is opinion but accuracy, provable facts and where they came from are important. Pretend you are Joe Friday in “Dragnet” who said, “just the facts” or “Perry Mason” the criminal attorney finding the smoking gun in trial on cross-examination. If you don’t know Dragnet from the early 1950s or Perry Mason in the 1960s then go to “Google.”

Live better for just 1/10 of a dollar. See the ten-cent billionaire under the Big Top Tent

The Pres is skilled like a Filipino contortionist. You know, a “Manila folder”. His distraction twists us with fear and to blame others while hoping secretly for something terrible to happen, and then step back in the avoidance of responsibility. Another, “I told you so” of moments.  Mr. Trump captures your emotions with his traveling fear and panic show that won him the 2016 Presidential election. The above idea in part was from a Ryan Lizza article. The humor is mine.

Support President Donald Trump. Open your hearts and empty your wallets in tax breaks for a ten-cent billionaire and his needy billionaire friends.

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Jackie Mason in his 1990 Come Back Performance on Broadway in his monologue said:

Two men were speaking about Richard Nixon and about his work and contribution as President of the United States.

The first man said Nixon was a great president.  He ended the Vietnam War, opened relations with China, and brought economic prosperity to all Americans.  It was just a shame that he had that Watergate problem and got phlebitis.

The second man said that wasn’t phlebitis.  It was syphilis.

The first man said, what do you mean by syphilis?

The second man said, you can’t screw a nation and call it phlebitis.

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