Walmart – America Dummied Down, National Security Or Only Low Prices

First the Humor – ha ha:   Article #1 of 2

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Everyone (or nearly all of us) has been a Walmart shopper. Every commercial business in America has had Walmart shoppers as customers and including the people that work for them as employees. Walmart has touched all of us. In non-Walmart stores for example a department store like Nordstrom’s, your local supermarket, Staples, Office Depot, Home Depot, Home Town Buffet, or your local Starbucks, imagine hearing over the public address speaker system: “Welcome Walmart Shoppers today’s special is ….

This article is intended to entertain. I am new to posting blog articles. I have a beginners’ concern about how I express and characterize my perceptions and the way I connect the dots below. I am interested in your perception, reaction, and response. You determine fact from fiction from your point of view.

Self-Medicated Inspired – Start drinking your first beer here

My question is, should the United States Government officially recognize Walmart with appropriate national recognition similar to the “Medal of Freedom” Award for having the highest redeeming social value in the maintenance of  internal national security throughout in the United States? Is Walmart a national treasure? I hope that doesn’t make you vomit. WTF is this about? Film at 11

Is the above a bizarre consideration or is there evidence to support an extraordinary and unusual statement claiming Walmart provides the United States with internal national security? Does Walmart contribute to the national tranquility and prevents insurrection through affordable prices? Maybe what is true is that Walmart prevents a festering sore just beneath the surface of income inequality from exploding on the streets. Or, maybe there is not a festering sore and social calm will continue regardless of Walmart low prices.


Part One of Concurrent Causation

Enter Walmart. Like the “Perfect Storm” of connected, concurrent and intervening causes. Walmart maintains affordable and low prices for clothing, food and other daily essentials of life for nearly all of us. Walmart affordability for millions of shoppers in the United States still gives enough dignity to the displaced, beaten down social classes, and those no longer of a socio-economic class. That dignity includes enough food in their bellies, clothes on their backs, and a few toys. Is this like a sedated acceptance to the alternative and not take to the streets?

Would insufficient nutrition and hunger produce discontent, civil disturbances and food riots? I think more possible to likely than not. The natives would become restless in my estimation. Food riots are a part of human history. Food in one’s belly may quell the beast and deter civil unrest, rebellion, riots and anarchy but people do know they have been beaten down in life. Regular consumption of adequate calories seems to deter civil unrest or at least grumpy behavior against our elected legislators for sending our tax money in tax breaks to the fat cats under the deceptive and misleading characterization, and in great part fiction of “job creators.” We all have eyes and ears connected to our brain.

Part Two of Concurrent Causation – Don’t be surprised

Walmart jobs are low wages. Few Walmart employees earn a living wage for themselves and/or their families. Walmart controls the status quo for employee wages. And I am speculating here with some inconsequential Walmart employee position exceptions that are paid a living wage. This does not come as a big surprise to any of us. This is the same as the strategic placing of a few non-white people in a convention hall of Republican delegates. Are these extras from central casting? It could be the Republican delegate’s taxi drivers being offered a free meal.

Your taxes in part subsidize and support Walmart employees. The subsidies come from our federal government to provide taxpayer funded social services in the form of food stamps, Medicaid, and other federal benefits to Americans in financial need that include Walmart employees who do not earn sufficient income to support themselves. Your taxes subsidize Walmart employees.

Connected To – Not So Incidental Beneficiary

When a portion of your taxes pay for Walmart employees social services the not so incidental bottom line is that your tax money also benefits Walmart ownership, the Walton family. The Walton family receives unearned and increased profits as a direct beneficiary because you supported Walmart employees with your tax dollars. Secondly, you are really paying higher prices when you shop at Walmart again because of your contribution for social services to Walmart employees, not paid by Walmart. You are giving Walmart public assistance. You know, it is corporate welfare for the Walton dynasty. The losers are the taxpayer and Walmart workers.

Intervening Causation – Tax Code is Distribution of Wealth

Money you earned is taken from your wallets and out of our hands through your employee paycheck withholding. You never see it happen or feel it when it takes place. It is legal and it is through Title 26 of the United States Code known as the Internal Revenue Code. And don’t blame the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because that is a distraction created by the people who steal your money and scapegoat the IRS. Blame your elected representatives who pass tax laws that take money silently from your wages and give your money to the wealthiest of Americans who in turn contribute to these less than honorable politicians.

More Wealth For The Wealthy And Freedom Without Money for the Have Nots Is Not Freedom

America and American culture is money. Don’t be confused with politicians telling you they, the politicians want you to have freedom from intrusive government when it is your government representative who makes intrusive tax laws and fixes the tax code against your financial interests. No money, no honey.

Money buys freedom for you and your family. Money buys you better health, healthcare, better and higher education, and lots more opportunity. The Gumby bent politicians picking money from your pockets need the IRS to collect the money that is without sound transferred to Daddy Warbucks. This is without intrigue or mystery.

Many of America’s wealthiest and the politicians surrogates that do their bidding do not like government social programs because these programs take tax dollars that the wealthiest Americans believe should be distributed to them on some fictional basis such as being called “job creators.” It is merely for the purpose of accumulation of further wealth among the few.

The social programs by the opposition have been referred to as having a “slippery slope” because with their success in helping people develop job skills that result in better paying jobs and better lives. These programs will receive increased funding. The party of values, values the wealthy. Quality of life is an enduring value for us all.



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There are two things that are important in politics.  The first thing is money and I can’t remember what the second one is. Mark Hanna, Republican Strategist, deceased 1904












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