Can’t Think When You Cry

© Robert Gottlieb 2017 – All Rights Reserved

Advice from my dad-

  1. Never marry a stranger
  2. Marry an orphan
  3. Whether you’re rich or poor, it’s always good to have a lot of money
  4. Money isn’t everything but it is way ahead of whatever is second place
  5. You cannot think when you cry. On one occasion when I was around 7 years old I was crying about something less than worth crying. My dad walked toward me and when he was next to me I thought he was going to console me, but instead he punched me in the back of my arm. I was not hurt but was stunned by being hit and the hit coming from my dad. I immediately stopped crying and asked why did he hit me? He said, “You can’t think when you’re crying.” He then said, “get the baseball gloves, bat and ball. We’re going to the park and have some fun.” We had fun. My dad was right about crying gets you nothing but more crying. It was a good life’s lesson. I wish my dad were still here for me to say, “thanks” or an updated request for another wake-up call with a  punch in my arm, but a bit more gentle.

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