Corrupt Capitalism Same History from Slavery to Now

Corrupt Capitalism Same History from Slavery to Now

I get weary and so sick of tryin’

I’m tired of livin’, and afraid of dyin’

Lyrics from Ol’ Man River

Show Boat Stage Play, 1927 and Motion Picture, 1936

Greed of corrupt capitalism in Colonial America and post Revolutionary War United States of the 18th and 19th centuries was evidenced in human slavery of Africans. One of the over shadowed effects that resulted was lower employment and wages in the southern states among the white working class. Greed of corrupt capitalism today is dressed up modern and we are dummied down poorer.

The white working class was against slavery for financial reasons and not necessarily that slavery was immoral. Then as now many of the southern white working class did not want to fight to preserve the life style for the wealthy plantation owners in the Civil War.  Greed in the United States today has taken your job, lowered your wages, and the joy from your life. For many of the wealthiest, although not all, they have sent your job across the world for greater profits for the fewest of us.

Your constitutional freedom is opportunity. In modern times this servitude and oppression is your loss of freedom for opportunity, choice, liberty, happiness and more when corrupted politicians take your earned money and send it to others through laws. Politicians distract you from their voting record for their wealthy patrons by telling you about how they fight for your freedom and liberty. Opportunity is an American family value. Without opportunity for financial gain your freedoms become illusory. The quality of your life erodes without a fair paying job. On this side of the dirt family values are one’s financial interests. If it is religious values vote in heaven and not in the United States.

Recalling poorly from my 10th grade English class several decades past my reading of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, Mark Antony stood on the steps of the Forum (the Senate?) following the assassination of Julius Caesar spoke these words: “Good friends, sweet friends let me not stir you up to such a sudden flood of mutiny. They that have done this deed are honourable: What private griefs they have, alas, I know not, that made them do it: they are wise and honourable, ….”

America and American culture is about money. Don’t be confused with politicians telling you they, the politicians want you to have freedom from intrusive government when it is your government representative who makes intrusive tax laws and fixes the tax code against your financial interests.

Money you earned is taken from your wallets and out of your hands through your employee paycheck withholding. You never see it happen or feel it when it takes place. It is legal and it is through Title 26 of the United States Code known as the Internal Revenue Code. And don’t blame the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because that is a distraction created by the people who steal your money and scapegoat the IRS. Blame your elected representatives who pass tax laws that take money silently from your wages and give your money to the wealthiest of Americans who in turn contribute to these less than honorable politicians.

To reconcile loss of opportunity and financial distress with politician claims that they are protecting your freedom when the money you earned through work evaporates as deductions from your paycheck is difficult. What you do see is the greater accumulation of wealth in the few in the United States, your wages are less and have less purchasing power, American industry has been relocated overseas, and these industrial jobs are no more.

What we have here is something dressed-up to look different than the American greed of the past but is the same greed like human slavery that has damaged and nearly destroyed the United States from before and since it was a democracy. Today, generally the face of the greed is manifest by Wall Street Bankers and multi-national corporations of the 21st Century businessmen in their $2,000 suits that bring another type of slavery to the working people of the United States.

Of recent decades either by federal laws and/or combined with friendly laws of other countries have made more profitable for corporations to take a great amount or nearly all of the U. S. manufacturing overseas and buy competing products and materials at lower prices in overseas countries. The loss of jobs has for the greater part not been replaced and there has not been retraining of those who have lost their jobs.

Money buys freedom for you and your family. Money buys you better health, healthcare, better and higher education, and lots more opportunity. Taking your job away is a form of taking your freedom. Are the parallels coming into view?

Greed today, as in the times of slavery has two parts. The first part is that Americans by the millions are out of work and will not likely recover particularly after being out of work for years. Their opportunity and lives have been diminished. The United States government has not protected their jobs or helped them but has helped those relocating jobs off shore. Greed in the second part is the overseas workers in many of the countries where the American jobs have been relocated are not necessarily living better lives. Regulations for health and safety do not exist. The overseas workers cannot organize in unions for a living wage that provides financial security for a family and all that goes with generational quality of life improvement. Corporate management is only about profits and not working conditions.

Politicians have failed the American worker. The financial power of the moneyed class has diminished the quality of American working families. Politicians distract you from the quality of your life by telling you they are fighting for your values. If you cannot support your children for a better life than you have, then money is the value. The smoke being blown in your eyes are the social issues designed to make and keep you angry and focus on others like you and who are not your enemy.

The enemy is he who looks like you. The enemy is not he/she who looks different and lives different than you. It is not the immigrant. It is not people who live different life styles. It is not people of a different religion, and more it is not. The enemy is the one you trust because he looks like you, talks like you, promises to protect your values and more, and then goes back to work for their wealthy patrons who they truly represent that diminishes the quality of your lives.

Nothing written in this article is intended to make an equal comparison to the horrors and evils of slavery in the United States.

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