Walmart – America Dummied Down National Security Or Only Low Prices Part 2

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Did You Hear The Joke About The Government Safety Net? – There Isn’t Any Safety Net

The greatness of a nation should be judged by what it does for those of its people who cannot do for themselves and all other criteria are secondary. Following the Great Depression U. S. government put in place regulations that were intended to promote prosperity for long periods of time and concurrently attempt to limit economic down turn to as short a time as possible. The USA is great, worldwide.

An inter-connected safety net, work training and social programs were created to limit the human suffering arising from the Great Depression. Government programs provided basic necessities of life to reduce catastrophic loss affecting individuals and families while efforts were made for restoration of financial stability in life. Those of us physically, mentally and emotionally capable should receive the benefit of work skills training so they can have the dignity of work to pay their way through this life and live well.

In the annual tax revenue collected including government borrowed money, federally funded social programs the likes of work force and other skills training and higher education has created opportunity and prosperity for millions of people in the United States for about 80 years from before the beginning of World War II. These programs were never meant to live in peace because politicians could not benefit from serving their masters of wealth.

Kill the New Deal – Mid-20th Century History

The Great Depression New Deal social programs of President Roosevelt including Social Security were followed by the post World War II G. I. Bill and other legislation through the 1960’s gave working people the tools to develop skills that would support them and their families. The skills developed by these Americans improved their lives generation after generation.

To discredit the success of these programs opposition politicians labeled these government programs as socialism and communism. These are tactics of fear and that bad things will happen for Americans and America if these programs exist. This kind of information has been relentless over the many decades. These attacks are intended to limit and terminate these programs and the spending for them. It would not be surprising that the anti-social program tactics would influence some of the people benefiting from the programs believing these programs were in some manner anti-American and subversive.

Government opportunities included programs for higher education placing more people in college resulting in high paying careers and jobs with the same generational affect by multiples compared to pre-World War II numbers. Career training and college education was the engine for the American middle class and America’s prosperity.

There have been many social programs for the benefit of the ordinary person for opportunity and prosperity at the street level since the end of World War II. Lots of money has been allocated for skilled jobs training and higher education programs that provides opportunity to rise into the middle class and contribute to the growth of the national economy.

Killing the New Deal – Recent History

Beginning in the 1980s through the recent past was the beginning of the break-up and decline of the middle class in the United States resulting from changes in the federal tax code. The wealthy kept the dollars and the rest of us pick-up the pennies. The federal tax code has been used like high blood pressure that is known as the “silent killer” of the middle class. If you give a government policy, law or program a patriotic name it must be good for all Americans and the country, and you cannot be against it. An example is tax breaks for the job creators or ‘f’ the poor they deserve less or they would not be poor.

In the succeeding decades since the 1980s Americans continue to fall out of the middle class, opportunity to rise to the middle class has diminished, education more debt burdened, working class jobs have been sent off-shore to cheap labor markets, and many people are no longer a part of any socio-economic class, just deteriorating lives. You know the story. For the purpose of this writing nearly all Americans have enough money to survive by shopping at Walmart. Does any of the above come as a surprise?

The Rich Get Richer And The Poor Get Drunk

Post WWII social programs have been reduced or eliminated in favor of tax breaks for the further accumulation of individual wealth and the larger profits for big corporations. This is the distribution or redistribution of the nation’s income and wealth via the federal tax codes. This is adverse to the interests of ordinary people and their communities. Have you ever done any reading about what the founders of this country wrote about the accumulation of wealth? Get ready for another surprise.

These patriotic founders of the United States of America were people of the aristocracy and wealth. These founding members of our country knew that the accumulation of wealth was dangerous to the lives of the ordinary person and to democracy. If facts are inconvenient with one’s beliefs, do not let accuracy guide your convictions. As I have become older I sometimes just want to feel good in my beliefs and not be confused by facts.

Redeeming Social Value Or Not – Start drinking your second beer here

Walmart is not about the building a better mouse trap that brings people to buy diapers or blue jeans. Is it about paying less for the same merchandize than from another merchant? Inside Walmart saving pennies, nickels and dimes are important and the customer becomes a programmed robotic captive.

Regardless if the socks you purchase at Walmart where the heels wear thin or the sock heel opens up with a hole faster than socks from another merchant, is it more important that you paid less money when you bought them? It’s better to have a bird in the hand (being Walmart) than two Bush’s in the White House.

Public Assistance Tax Dollars for the Wealthy

The American taxpayer through the U. S. government indirectly subsidizes Walmart from food to fertilizer prices and everything it sells in between.  The reason for these subsidies is to distract attention from our elected federal congressional politicians who continue to give their true constituents and patrons, the wealthiest Americans and America’s biggest corporations more unearned tax breaks.

The taxpayer subsidies to Walmart employees although probably big in a dollar amount are likely relatively small in comparison to and less in cost to the tax breaks for the wealthiest at the top of the food chain. No doubt there is competition for where the money gets distributed. The tag line is “give your tax dollars to the wealthy and they will provide you with a good paying job and make your life better.” It is job creation ca-ca talk. Tried and failed by W.

There is a limited amount of tax dollars for distribution, although huge. That tax money can be sent upwards to the fewer wealthy or downwards for lifetime benefit of the three hundreds of millions of us ordinary people. It takes what the wealthiest believe is their money through lower tax liability laws. Walmart subsidies buy peace and safety for the wealthiest among us. I do not believe the wealthiest people really appreciate the Walmart value. It saves their collective ‘asses’ and assets. They should be the biggest advocates of socialism for those lower on the economic food chain, but they may be too greedy.

Income Equality – The 1% want to become equal with the collective wealth of the 99%           It’s like a divorce, what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.

The federal government’s tax code is fixed to favor the wealthiest. The politicians know the overreach threshold when the natives will become restless and discontented if they don’t have the basics- air, water, food and shelter. Our water is poisoned and the air is polluted. To prevent nationwide civil disturbance, rebellion, and riots there must be a counter-balance that not only distracts but also concurrently contributes to a sense of stability, tranquility and calm in the masses while their pockets are being picked empty.

In Conclusion – Freedom for the Haves’        Time for a third cerveza

Whiskey for my men, water for my horses or is it, Water for my men, whiskey for my horses?

This above is either real, fiction, or combination of both for justification to award Walmart the Medal of Freedom. Tranquility and calm in our land is underwritten by and at the expense of the taxpayer. Is the American dream getting further out of reach for us and may never return?

This article is not, again, is not presented as a conspiracy theory or a ‘cabal’ (acronym from the names of five British conspirators against King ? – forgot his name 16th or 17th Century. I think it was during a Stuart Reign after the Tudor’s). The article contents may have cause and effect. You know, like Buddhism. If you believe the above is about a conspiracy/cabal, increase your medication dosage and consider your birth was a result of a conspiracy where someone got “f’d. That would be true. I apologize for being offensive. I would never make a fake apology by saying, “I apologize ‘if’ I offended you.” That is for politicians who really do not apologize and who also deny responsibility and accountability.  You know, I didn’t do it but I know who did. See that tall white protestant guy in the $2,000 suit on K Street with that politician. They did it. Indulge me with one last thought. Today’s majority will be part of tomorrow’s diversity and equality for all. Facts of life are not easy for some to adjust. Please don’t ask my former bride.

You tell me what I write below is fact or fiction, or partially accurate or partially overactive imagination. I believe you have information to add to what I express that I may have not or likely have not considered. If it is fiction and humor you want read my book and laugh. For that please read below.

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If you don’t understand it, I can’t explain it. Robert Schrum, Democratic Strategist

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