Ever tell a lie, why not? Civil Society Requires Lying

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Lower The Heat – Listen & Question With Curious Purpose

Why do we get so bent out of shape when someone intentionally lies or unknowingly, ignorantly or carelessly makes a false or inaccurate statement? We live in a world of lies up to our eyes. Lying is seldom a crime. Lying or making false statements, intentional or not we do not find appealing. Like tax avoidance making exaggerated or false tax deductions is referred to as a national pastime and part of the American culture. However if get convicted for not declaring your income that is the same as an intentional and deceitful lie. You will become a permanent guest of the feds at the gray bar hotel. Like Club Med the activities are an all inclusive package. The Fed Club Med is a change of life career training and networking center.

Have you put on you hip boots to wade through this subject of the three types of liars: ordinary liars, damn liars and statisticians? Lies of dishonest people in most situations is over rated, highly overrated and maybe should be ignored because the effect is harmless. However this is also not to dismiss that dishonest people who intentionally or in reactive behavior make false, inaccurate and dishonest statements should not be taken to the task as horrible, creepy and bad. Concurrently disgust, righteous indignation, anger and more adverse responses against someone for making a false statement may be excessive and disproportionate to the situation. Yet willful deceit is not to be overlooked or excused.

Humans Misstate Maybe More Than Humans State Accurately

Looking from another perspective lying is or seems to be the nature of what people do in difficult or uncomfortable circumstances. Certain types of lies and false statements are or could be harmless or a result of the speaker not wanting to say something that may adversely affect someone’s feeling or the speaker is uncomfortable expressing a true thought. Where an untrue and inaccurate statement is intentional, should strict liability of deceitful automatically attach or require an inquiry as to motive? Does denial and avoidance knowingly and wrongfully made become the deceit of a lie?

If You Say It, It Must Be True

Facts proven are indisputable although they can be challenged. My understanding is that a hypothesis is without fact. Hypothesis becomes a theory with some but not all supporting facts. Theory becomes an established fact when proven by weight of evidence. Many people do not want to accept reality of established fact because the fact creates discomfort to their belief structure. There is comfort in ignorance although dishonest. An example would be that your theory is an astute observation of the case but has nothing to do with the facts. Or don’t let the facts get in the way of belief or confuse me with the facts.

Societal Standardized Lies That Should Be Rejected in the 21st Century

Most people are given too much credit and attention for lying that are not worth the attention. They’re generally uninteresting. At best they are poor story tellers and waste our time. At the least, entertain us if you’re going to lie to our faces.  Here are some of the big lies I found via Google. They seem mostly to apply to men. Do these lies ring true?

The check is in the mail.                                              I am getting a divorce.

I’ll respect you in the morning.                                   She means nothing to me.

I’ve never done anything like this before.                   It’s only a cold sore.

My wife doesn’t understand me.                                It’s not the money. It’s the principle of the thing.

Now, I’m going to tell you the truth.                          Of course I love you.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me – #1 biggest lie in America

Our parents and other role models teach us as children to tell the truth. Then without further consideration our parents immediately indoctrinate us in lies year after year of our lives. The biggest lies take place in family gatherings like Thanksgiving. Maybe that is the reason Thanksgiving is thankfully only one day in 365 days.

We learn that false statements are really only inaccuracies, nothing more. Can all of the inaccurate statements from people we trust and hold as role models be considered deceitful? It’s possible. We all have recollections and maybe some opinions of less than accurate statements our parents told us. False statements being accepted as mere inaccuracies help us manage to control our emotions instead of becoming the grand inquisitor. Maybe like eating a bad burrito (with a three year shelf life at 7-Eleven) you survive it.

Healthy Lies

It is probably good for your health and happiness to lie at least once a day. It is likely better for your health to lie than taking daily vitamins that do nothing for you and look the same when they come out of you as they were when they went into your mouth. Just like freedom of speech to shoot your mouth off and quack like a duck or the right to own a gun and accidentally shoot yourself, you have the right to make false statements. You look marvelous. And it’s true.

Hypocrites Get On the Liars Train and Get Off the Righteous Indignation Train

It seems that the use of the word “lie” is too broad of a brush stroke and overly used, misused and abused as a word. Sounds like my former marriage. For a statement to be a real and bad “lie” it should have the element of deceit with or without manipulation intended. All of us having the same understanding of “deceit” is important and will relieve the pressure on our shorts for perspective.

For the billions of inaccurate, false and empty headed statements made daily a different standard need apply so as not to label and disparage the maker of the statement. If the statement is false call it false and explain why it is false. Employ the right words. Get smart in your thinking in spite of yourself and become smart. If you think otherwise let us all know. And whether you are the liar or the one getting caught in a lie, you should keep your arrogance behind your zipper where it belongs, and that’s for the ladies who behave as badly as men. Don’t be an angry man in a woman’s body. I know I’m going to get into trouble for this statement.

Truth In-Fact

Sincerity is the primary element required for truth. Implicit in sincerity is good faith. Accuracy seems to follow closely behind sincerity as an element of truth through measurement. If a statement is made in malice or with ulterior or secondary gain as motive, is that truth or does it become dishonest and a lie? Is a good faith perceptive belief in the truth as qualitatively equal to measureable accuracy in truth? If truth is based upon accuracy it is not an opinion but fact. Again, this is not to deny a good faith belief in what one perceives as true is true. Different points of view can give different perceptions of the same thing, all of which absent accuracy are true. Truth with malice is no truth at all. I am dizzy from thinking about truth.

Lie – Lie down, I think I love you

The narrow definition of “lie” seems to mean or should be more than a statement is an untrue, inaccurate or false. Deceit for me seems to be the key element of a lie. Deceit would be understood to be a statement that at the time it was made was knowingly false with an intention and design to mislead for a specific purpose. That would be the distinction for a difference with all other inaccurate or false statements the absence of the element of deceit. Then deceit becomes an evidentiary question to resolve.

One could stand on their soap box, point a finger and pontificate in righteous indignation, “you lie.” The accuser could be the liar and not the accused. We must not accept an allegation that could be an opinion as truth merely because it reached the air. Regardless of whether or not the accuser’s allegation is in anger and/or ignorance it could likely lack the obligation we owe to one another of civility, etiquette, manners. We should, in making judgment, identify if the statement is charged with arrogance and emotionally out of control behavior that may challenge accuracy. Ignorance in accusation is not excusable. Arrogance of that kind should be kept behind one’s zipper.

Two sides to hotcakes or Danger in Getting Caught in the Truth

People do change their opinions without any change in facts because particular situations, circumstances, and their thinking changes. They are not liars. They are merely people and are subject to changing their thinking and opinions. Nothing is new about having a revised perspective unless you’re in politics with something to gain from a new and unsubstantiated opinion that is without legs to stand on. Is the first opinion or second opinion a lie or no dishonesty at all?

The question is, was that change of position or opinion with legitimate purpose or otherwise gets characterized negatively with what we call a flip-flop? I like the term flip-flop because it reminds me of high school gymnastics when a flip-flop was fun and good. If you like the person who changed their opinion then it is sincere and if you don’t like them, it is, “You Lie.” Take a pill or order two cervezas and get over it.

www.nonudeswimming.com – Chapter 17 Introductory Quote: Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened. Sir Winston Churchill


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